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"You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world." -Jesus

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What Are We All About?

Well, we are a family of 6, going against the cultural grain to live life on our own terms.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the rushing around, hurrying through life, with no time to stop and smell the roses?

We sure did!

Have you ever spent time in the Word and thought to yourself “This is how I want to live, but it’s not what I see around me in American Christian Culture ” 


Do you tire of running round and round on a rat-wheel, chasing dollars each month? Have you been frustrated as you get your paycheck, only to have to hand it to big companies that you know are corrupt and abusive, as you get poorer and they get richer?

Been there. Done that.

What about the kids? Have you been wrecking your brain trying to figure out how to get more intentional with them; how to get more involved in their life; how to get everyone off the screens and out in the wonder of God’s creation?


Do you want to live a more natural life; get away from the chemicals and all the junk, but just can’t  afford organic food or natural medicine from the health food store? Do you get overwhelmed with chronic illness or disease, Drs who don’t seem to listen or care and medication prices draining your wallet? Do you want to know how to take control over your family’s day to day health?

I sure did! And I know I’m not alone!- I’ve met so many of you along the way!

We have been on our own path over the last 8 years, struggling with each of these issues. We looked around at our life and didn’t like what we saw. We wanted something REAL! Something plain and simple. We had enough of the drama, and the scrolling and wasting our life, and the empty bank accounts. 

There has to be a better way, right? There has to be MORE. More time. More love. More family. More access to health. More thriving and not just surviving!

As our life came crashing around us, we made a huge decision to leave it all in search of the life we yearned for! 

Follow us as we try our best to follow the Lord in what we feel is the greatest adventure of our lives! Come along as we share what we have learned along the way.


We aren’t perfect.

 We don’t know it all. 

But we want to share our journey with you!

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